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oooOhhfi Jfi hihfmy

lykEee h0lii shyietieot laUuren iiTzz kaitlIInaaAa fizzLe

Name: all muh boiz call meh kaitlin ::giggle0rz::
Age: wun fiyyyve babey
Location: p-wayyYyyYy ! ! ! !
5 Favorite Bands: ONLY FIVE BECAUSE IF YOU POST MORE THEN U CANT BE HAWT ND ELITE!! ooOh my GOD .. i likkEe dunt realii do bandz but i LOVE hilary duff, jojo, and ... fhaui fhiank aaron carton is SO damn sexii, yu kno?
What makes you hawt?: uhmmm my b00biez?!
Anything else?: yeaAaa like i totaLLy <3 lauren becuz she is so fuckin hot like omg...
Are me & mike simply AWESOME?: (SAY YES BECAUSE IF YOU SAY NO THEN U CANT BE HAWT ND ELITE!) lyyKKee.. yaHh! for sure!! <<<<<<<<333333
PICTURES OF YR HAWT SELF!! (5 max pls. yr not that hawt. unless yr me or mike. 'cause we are TEH HAWTNESS! OMGZ!)

oooooommgooddd itz muh fishy face!!!!! lolz!!!!!!!!!

lolz muh girlz dawg is drivin a car!!! ahhh!!!1!!11!!Q ! oommg lolz!! soo cyoote!

soo am i lyke.. hawt!?!?!?!??!
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