kate (_kissthesky_) wrote in teh_hawt_crue,

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Name: k-dub! haha jk jkjkjkjkjk katie <333333333333333333333333333
Age: wun plus fyve
Location: NP playa foo lyfe yo!! tehehehehhehtehe
5 Favorite Bands: Play-- dey r sOoOoOo prettii!!... D12 theii r soOo gangstaa....chicks on speed, ummm i actuaLLy dunt listenN 2 themm butt i thought that theirr namii is TOTALLYY kwLness!! LFO! OMG THEII ARE SOOOOO HAWT! I WANT THEM! ...LMNT theii r adorable Nd theirr song hey juliet is just totally just like wut i want a guii 2 do 2 mii!!
What makes you hawt?: UmmM mii pOpularnezz nD howw evrii1 wants 2 b mii
Anything else?: UmmmM ... IlU guyzz nd yEr lyke.. mii IdoLz.
Are me & mike simply AWESOME?: OoOoOo MOdEFf.

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title or description
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