Shed Tears of Scarlet (loserbassist) wrote in teh_hawt_crue,
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Im teh sex

Im so fukin' hawt and i totaly think you should Stamp me Yes because even if you say no im just gonna complain a shit load of timez saying that i am Hawt no matter what you say Bitchez

Name: Gabe Teh Sexy.
Age: Nine Tizeen.
Location: E-Tizown
5 Favorite Bands: think of every band u can think of that looks Punk... But actaully iznt L0vez deM XxHardcorexX
What makes you hawt?: I mean Juz look at me beotch im awsome!
Anything else?: Everyone want teh sex wiff me
Are me & mike simply AWESOME?: (SAY YES BECAUSE IF YOU SAY NO THEN U CANT BE HAWT ND ELITE!) You GuyZ are so Freaking awsome AnD hot. Specalzy MiKe1!1!!

This is mE BeIng Da bad boy wiff da GogGleZ. looking like Teh SeX as always.

Dis Is me just chillen back eating my HawT dinner at a HaWt spIc restaurant, being a hot aZs SexY asZ fuckEr!

So stamp me Yes or i will StAlk you and s0doMiz in yUr sleepz
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