mike (chicosideways) wrote in teh_hawt_crue,

holy fucking shit mother fuckers this fucking shit is the fucking shit!!!!1111111TWO!11

Name:mike like woah, bonk, or not
Age: deuce zer0 biotch
Location: new carolina, or east, one or the otherrr
5 Favorite Bands: ONLY FIVE BECAUSE IF YOU POST MORE THEN U CANT BE HAWT ND ELITE!!The woo-woah scenester 7; Holy shit my heart is on fire and the gang banging bastard children of henry the 8th; end project; wearing blkac; i dont know how to count
What makes you hawt?: deez nuts
Anything else?:i'm rick james, bitch!
Are me & mike simply AWESOME?: (SAY YES BECAUSE IF YOU SAY NO THEN U CANT BE HAWT ND ELITE!) yes because if you say no then u cant be hawwt nd elite!
PICTURES OF YR HAWT SELF!! (5 max pls. yr not that hawt. unless yr me or mike. 'cause we are TEH HAWTNESS! OMGZ!)

im way to fucking scene to know how to put a post up with a picture in it so you can just click this shit:
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